Day 3 – Sharing from a heart of thankfulness

Give thanks to the LORD; proclaim his name! Make his works known among the peoples. Declare that his name is exalted.

We are motivated to share the gospel out of thanksgiving to God. The Lord is our salvation (Isaiah 24:2), and He has turned away His anger from us and welcomed us into His family through Christ. From the outpouring of our thankfulness is a desire for others to know His goodness as well. We proclaim, make known and declare who God is and what He has done because we understand—even if in small degrees—where we would be had He not intervened in our lives. With thankful hearts, we push past our insecurities, fears and people pleasing, and we share with our friends, neighbors and our one the greatest news we have ever heard and they will ever hear.

Today, share the gospel with your one out of a heart of gratitude for what God has done on your behalf.