Why Deacon Team Ministry?

1. It is Biblical

Acts 6:1-7, The first deacons are chosen.—The first church had grown from 120 (Acts 1:15) to 5000 (Acts 4:4) and it was continuing to multiply. (Acts 6:1)  And with growth came new complaints. (Acts 6:1)  However, these complaints would not squash the first church from multiplying it was a ministry opportunity to call the church together to serve in unity. The solution was to appoint seven deacons (Acts 6:3) who would distribute the daily food to the widows. Don’t think these seven deacons handle daily distribution of food to the church alone. They recruited and administered making sure the needs of everyone were met.

What were the results of the deacons handling this ministry?—”So the preaching about God flourished, the number of the disciples in Jerusalem multiplied greatly, and a large group of priests became obedient to the faith.” (Acts 6:7)

2. Everyone is called to serve

1 Cor 12, Diversity of Gifts, Unity in Service.—Every believer has the Holy Spirit but that same spirit gives every believer a different gift. (1 Cor 12:4)  And each spiritual gifts is for the benefit of the church not the believer. Therefore, our spiritual gifts are for the good of the church body and not the individual.

Paul furthers this illustration that the spiritual gifts make up the functions of the church body. The church is one body with many parts. Each part must function, we don’t have body parts without a function. Likewise, each member of the church has a function, and we don’t have members without a function. Every part contributes to the effectiveness and wellness of the body, and each member contributes to the effectiveness of ministry and wellness of the church body.

Deacon Teams

1. Compassion Ministries Team

When a need arises in the community, Emmaus wants to be a church on mission to help. This team is looking for volunteers who want to show grace and compassion to a community in need. This could mean collecting donated items, making yourself available to serve in times of crisis, and keep a listening ear to our church and our community.

Message: We are with you during a time of need.

Spiritual Gifts: administration, encouragement, helps, hospitality, mercy

2. Acts Ministry Team

Everyone could use a helping hand from time to time. Whether it is cleaning gutters for our senior adults, helping a single mom move, or building/fixing a ramp, the small jobs team is here to help. The Small Jobs Team is looking for volunteers who can donate Thursday Night to meet some of the bigger jobs, but is also looking for volunteers who can make a friendly visit on their time and change an air filter or fix a leaky faucet.

Message: We are here to help.

Spiritual Gifts: administration, helps, encouragement, service

3. Hospitality

Drive to be a church that is not just welcoming but hospitable. It is more than Coffee and Donuts. It is about signage around the church and how we make visitors feel when they arrive and worship with us.

Message: Everyone is welcomed here.

Spiritual Gifts: administration, encouragement, hospitality, service

4. Inactive Members Outreach

The past few years haven’t been easy and the world’s uncertainties have made daily life difficult. The COVID pandemic and past events in the church has caused many members to physically fall away from the church. The Inactive Members Outreach Team is looking for volunteers to regather members and rebuild fellowship through congregational worship, Sunday School and small groups. It is not a mission to find out why they left, but to love, support, and uplift in getting them to physically return to regular church attendance and service.

Message: We miss you, we love you, and we will not let you slip away from us so easily.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, encouragement, faith, healing, discernment, intercession, communication, mercy, and wisdom.

5. Life Event Team

To provide immediate short-term assistance for people within our church family and community who are experiencing a time of crisis and/or upheaval of their normal schedule (hospitalization, illness, birth, death). Assistance will be provided in several ways through meals, gift cards and supply cooler.

Message: Let us serve you during your Life Event.

Spiritual Gifts: administration, encouragement, service, hospitality, mercy

6. Prayer Team

Drive to stay in touch with those on the Prayer list and let them know we are praying for them and update the list and let the church know about any praises that come out of the Prayer. It is important that we become a praying church and understand how the power of Prayer allows us to tap into the Holy Spirit.

Message: Today I spoke with God about your needs.

Spiritual Gifts: administration, encouragement, faith, healing, intercession mercy

7. Helping Others Team

This team looks after the needs of the congregation especially our senior adults. Helping others role is deliver meals to homebound and sick members and non members who don’t get to enjoy a home cooked meal. Some Helping Others Team members even volunteer to help congregational members with doctor visits, pick up prescriptions, etc.  In order to protect our senior adults we ask members to be back ground checked before serving and require another back ground check every 3-5 year.

Message: Let us serve you.

Spiritual Gifts: administration, encouragement, service, hospitality, mercy

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can serve on a deacon team?

Anyone can, members and non member and even volunteers from the community.  Anyone wanting to partner with Emmaus Baptist Church and help fulfill the mission of reaching others for Christ.

How long do you serve on a team?

As long as you feel called to serve on that team. Not every team requires a weekly commitment. Some teams may be monthly or as the occasion comes. So there are teams that fit every kind of schedule and availability.

How do I join a team?

Contact the office by phone, email, or fill out a communication card online or put it in the plate during service letting the church know which team you’d like to join.