True community can’t just exist solely in our Sunday morning gathering. As important as our public worship and celebration is, small groups meeting during the week give us a chance to engage in relationship, care for one another, encourage and build one another up. It’s in the context of community that we grow most in God.
At Emmaus, we believe small groups meeting in homes (Home Groups) are one of the primary ways of building relationships with others in the church. Our Home Groups are just what they sound like small gatherings of people who meet weekly in someone’s home studying God’s word together. We see the Bible describing a very close-knit group of disciples who do life together, encouraging one another as they grow in their love for God, each other and the world.

Sunday School

Sunday  mornings  9:15 – 10:15 am

Sunday School classes for all adult ages, couples and singles, and all spiritual levels.

You are encouraged to visit multiple classes to determine which one best fits your expectations.  One class cooks breakfast for their members and all groups provide coffee and conversation to start the morning.

Sunday School personnel will be in the church office located in the Christian Outreach Center (COC) to answer your questions, assist you with your selection, and escort you to a class. Come join us!

Be part of the ORIGINAL Church from the book of Acts where all shared what they had to offer and none were in need. We take on the most pressing need of our community each Thursday night 6:30 – 8:30 pm. If you have a need such as yard work, car repairs, and minor home repairs, let us know. Call Doug Furst 757-637-5973 to volunteer or request help.