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Why Deacon Team Ministry?

#1 It is Biblical.  Acts 6:1-7. The first deacons are chosen.

This first church had grown from 120 (Acts 1:15) to 5000 (Acts 4:4) and it was continuing to multiply (Acts 6:1).  And with growth came new complaints (Acts 6:1).  However, these complaints would not squash the first church from multiplying, it was a ministry opportunity to call the church together to serve in unity.  The solution was to appoint seven deacons (Acts 6:3) who would distribute the daily food to the widows.  Don’t think these seven deacons handled the daily distribution of food to the church alone. They recruited and administered making sure the needs of everyone were met.

What were the results of the deacons handling this ministry–“So the preaching about God flourished, the number of disciples in Jerusalem multiplied  greatly, and a large group of priests became obedient to the faith. (Acts 6:7)

#2  Everyone is called to serve.  1 Cor 12, Diversity of Gifts, Unity in Service.

Mark 2:3 –  Everyone pick up a corner to support the ministry of Emmaus Baptist Church.

Every believer has the Holy Spirit but that same spirit gives every believer a different gift (1 Cor 12:4).  And each spiritual gift is for the benefit of the church, not the believer.  Therefore, our spiritual gifts are for the good of the church body and not the individual.

Paul furthers this illustration that spiritual gifts make up the functions of the church body.  The church is one body with many parts.  Each part must function, we don’t have body parts without a function.   Likewise, each member of the church has a function, and we don’t have members without a function.  Every part contributes to the effectiveness and wellness of the body, and each member contributes to the effectiveness of ministry and wellness of the church body.

What are the EBC Ministry Teams?

Click on the links below to learn more about each team.  Pray and ask God where you are spiritually most gifted and passionate to serve.

Sign up using the link provided on each team’s page.

First Visitors Response Team

Compassion Ministries Team

Small Jobs Team

Prayer Team